Nidecker Spare Parts & Accessories

Authorized Nidecker Dealers offer excellent service and often carry replacement parts for purchase. In general we make replacement parts available to Dealers for three (3) years from date of manufacture. Dealers reserve the right to apply reasonable cost to for repair.

If you believe that the part should be covered under warranty, and you are within the warranty period with proof of purchase then please take your product to the Dealer at which you purchased your product - or your closest Dealer - for an appraisal. If you are in another country from that which you purchased the product, or are absolutely unable to contact your Dealer, please fill out the form here.

For quick, efficient and free treatment of BOA claims (broken cable, snapped coiler), please contact them directly here or stop by an Authorized Dealer.

If you need help identifying spare parts for your boots please download and use the following Nidecker Spare Parts Exploded View Diagrams:

2022-23 Nidecker Boots Exploded View Diagram

2021-22 Nidecker Boots Exploded View Diagram

2020-21 Nidecker Boots Exploded View Diagram

2019-20 Nidecker Boots Exploded View Diagram

2018-19 Nidecker Boots Exploded View Diagram

2017-18 Nidecker Boots Exploded View Diagram

2016-17 Nidecker Boots Exploded View Diagram

if you need to replace the dials, please follow the instructions in the video below:


About Dials tongue:


About Dials side:


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02-F3: Nylon Asym Uniback Set


04-C3: Nylon Modback Set


17-G1: 12qset Ankle Pivot Ladder


18-F1: LSR Ankle Pivot Ladder


18-G1: LSR Axis Ankle Pivot Ladder


18-A1: LSR Toe Ladder


08-C1: Axis-Nexus Basecush


08-D1: Axis-Fenix Basecush Set


08-E1: Fuse Bankbed+Scrw Set


08-F1: NX2 Bankbed+Scrw Set


06-G3: Evo Supportpanel Set


38-B2: Fuse/Nx2 Ankle Ladder Mount Set