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The Gun 2022

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As a true surf gun, this board is made for those who want to charge. Long side cuts radius and long running edges provide stability while still allowing you to carve like no one else. We also created a shorter version for those who want to charge but with less speed.

Born from the first globally known Nidecker boards in the 80s, mixing old and new shape and logo.

2+1 year warranty

Extend your two year Nidecker warranty to three years by registering your board online for free! Nidecker Snowboards offers a three-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
Visit www.nidecker.com/help-center/warranty
for more info.

Shape & profile

Increase flotability and keep carving performance for a backfoot ride


Tech Details


Nidactive picto

This brand new type of construction inspired by surf boards is a completely unique approach to snowboarding. The rounded top of the wood core and the consistent sidewall height are shaped in the same way as surfboard rails, enabling a maximum amount of pressure to be applied to the edges. It creates this special feeling that makes us like no other... Try it and see for yoursel.


4/2-6 picto

Avec 6 rangées d'inserts tous les 2 cm, cette configuration d'inserts vous permettra d'ajuster votre stance à la position optimale. Elle fonctionne avec toutes les fixations du marché. Notre stance de référence est la deuxième position la plus étroite proposée.


Triax Plus Biax picto
Triax Plus Biax

The combination of Triax on the top and Biax on the bottom results in true sturdiness under your feet. Crafted with a proper torsion box, this combo transfers energy for ultimate responsiveness.


Light Core picto
Light Core

Notre noyau le plus léger - avec trois types de bois différents. Le noyau léger est une combinaison parfaite de paulownia pour la légèreté, de peuplier pour le pop et la réactivité, et de longerons en hêtre dur le long des carres pour augmenter la durabilité du noyau, le pop et la protection contre les impacts sur les carres.


N-9000 picto

Fabriqué à partir de nanoparticules de carbone, le N-9000 possède une structure moléculaire très dense, ce qui en fait notre matériau de base le plus rapide et le plus durable.

Special Details

special details


Board Size (cm)174L
Total Length (mm)1740
Nose Length (mm)530
Contact Edge Length (mm)1110
Effective Edge Length (mm)1300
Tail Length (mm)100
Sidecut Radius (m)10000
Nose Width (mm)298
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (mm)266
Waist Width (mm)258
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (mm)265
Tail Width (mm)292
Taper (mm)-6
Set Back (mm)37
Reference Stance (mm)540
Minimum - Maximum Stance (mm)500 - 620
Recommended Rider's Weight (kg.)75+
Recommended Rider's Weight (lbs.)165+
Recommended Binding Size-

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