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John Myhre

“Columbian-Norwegian free jazz space cowboy“

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Boots Size: 9 US

Position: Regular

Stance: 54 cm

Angles: +15 / 0

Adopted from Bogota in Colombia to Norway when i was 2 years old, my family name in Colombia was Montano, which means Mountain. Luckily my family in Norway was super into winter activities and had me skiing at the age of 2 years. Started skateboarding at 6, and found snowboarding at the age of 9. 6 times norwegian champion in gymnastics wich of course has helped a lot with the flippy side of my riding. Did a lot of norwegian snowboard cup competitions at some point, but my love of riding has always been with my day ones crew called Gausta Gjengen! We do a lot of forest riding, splitboarding and are always trying to get the good turns in good snow!

Stand out career highlight so far?

Just getting to know mother nature more and more.

When you’re not snowboarding, what do you love doing?

Music, Stretching, vibing with my dog and eating food.

Piece of advice you wish you had when you were starting out?

None, I like to figure things out.

Got a playlist to share?

Sure, this one is with majestic vibes only:

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