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Lewis Sonvico

“Slice & Dice star: modern carving & technical freestyle wizard“


180 Cm 


74 Kg 

Boot Size

9.5 US




+15° | -

I started snowboarding on a holiday in the French Alps where the only board they had left to rent was a 165 and the forecast was snow all week. I was 16 and loved i - but I ate a lot of snow that week. I learnt more over the next years, riding dryslopes and snowdomes in the UK. After that I went around with work and snow to fill the need. I hold the highest grade of snowboard instructor certification in the world, and love sharing snowboarding with all different people and abilities. I spend my non-snow time trying to ride waves at the beach, skateboarding or working with regerative cultivation, forestry and carpentry. Go fast & hold on tight.

Lewis' Set-Up