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Nidecker has an intimate connection to the snowsurfing movement. To keep the stoke of surfing alive so far from the ocean, former pro snowboarder turned shaper, Thierry Kunz had to find a way to surf the mountains at home in the Swiss Alps. His solution was to design a line of boards that require a riding style driven off the back foot, just like driving through a turn off the bottom of a wave.
An obsession with the force of gravity and the unique feeling that until now you could only get while riding a surfboard are the inspirations behind this collection, which combines singular surfing technologies like epoxy glassing with industry leading snowboard manufacturing techniques, and stylistic touches like old school logos and a simple white line down the middle of the base, just like the stringer on a surfboard.


Our snowsurfs are made for experienced riders over age 30 who spend as much time in the water as they do on snow and know that having the best time fun is all about having the right board for the conditions on the day. That’s why if you’re truly dedicated to riding, you’ve acquired a quiver of boards perfect for everything from slashing spring slush to laying down big turns through steep and deep fields of powder. If back foot riding and full rail carves are all what you’re all about, these boards are like a dream come true.

Art of Shape

Shaping a board is a form of art, that no computer can do as well as a persan. There’s nothing we enjoy more than the hours of riding, conceptualizing, sharing, and testing that are required to reach perfection. Switzerland is our home­land. The landscape is our inspiration. And our boards are the result.

Nose Shapes

As the first contact point with the snow, a board’s nose is the starting point in determining its character traits and end performance. Get it right and it’s the gateway to the very essence of snowboarding.

  • Long Pic

    The Long Pic nose shape allows you to charge and go fast in any type of snow, from a deep powder field to springtime slushy snow.

  • Mid Pic

    The Mid Pic nose shape reduces the nose length, making the board more compact. This very direct style still makes the ride fully versatile.

  • Mid Round Pic

    The Mid Round Pic nose shape is a most­ly floated shape for the everyday ride.

Sidecut Shapes

The radius is similar to the steering wheel of your car. A smaller radius will naturally
make the board turn shorter, and vice versa. One of our secrets is adjusting the radius next to the contact edges to make turning extra easy, which is why we match the appropriate sidecut to each board model and rider’s specifications (weight / shoe size).

  • R10 Series

    A long side cut from 1O+ meters for fast long turns and for charging.

  • R7 Series

    This short 7+ meter radius, mixed with a stiffer flex is perfect for carving sharp arcing turns.

  • R8 Series

    This medium 8+ meter radius is ideally suited for riders with a more relaxed style and versatile enough for everyday riding.

  • R9 Series

    This 9+ meter radius is the longest in our line, designed for heavier riders, and anyone who wants a stable board for laying down really drawn out, horizontal carves.

Tail Shapes

You could be forgiven for thinking that the tail of your board isn’t really that important. But think again. The tail is a vital part of snowboard design. It’s what helps you finish your turn and initiate the next one, but it can also be your nose when you’re riding switch. No matter what type of board you ride it’s always going to be an essential part of its make up.

  • Tail Diamond

    This evolution of the all-round tail is more compact with a longer transition for increased lift, allowing you to ride switch without compromising the board’s responsiveness.

  • Double Fish

    This style is made specifically for short running edges, speeding up your board like never before.

  • Round

    The Round Tail is the standard for any pure versatile board.



  • BCK

    The ultimate combination of fibers to fit all your needs: Basalt, Carbon, Kevlar® (BCK). Placed from the tail to the rear inserts and from the nose to the front inserts, it makes for a lighter board and provides increased pop, torsional stiffness, and reactivity.

  • Dual Plus

    Our standard 90° biaxial fiberglass is designed to offer a forgiving ride and predictable torsional flex. It’s bombproof, reliable and perfect for all types of terrain and riders.

  • POP Carbon

    Strategic placement of carbon fiber from the tail to the rear inserts, and from the nose to the front inserts, results in a more reactive board, with increased pop and stiffness. It’s vibration dampening qualities make it ideal for more aggressive riding in all conditions.