Perfect stance

Most riders have developed their stance from a combination of trial and error thrown together with a little bit of riding fashion and trends. Now why that works, in reality it isn’t optimizing the harmony between the rider and the board. Over the past few years we’ve worked with many specialists in the field of human anatomy and we have developed a process that enables you to optimize your stance to get the very best performance from your board, taking into account your body and your style of riding.
In this process you need first to calculate your natural stance and from this result adjusting depending on your riding style as followed.

The Natural Stance is a calculation of your body’s skeletal geometry. This is obtained by using what we call the Golden Ration. This optimum stance width is found by measuring the distance between the floor and the mid of your knee. This measure is your natural stance, the best ration of balance and force with the least amount of stress on your articulations.

Freecarve Stance
The Freecarve stance is the simply your Natural Stance. This will give you the best ratio of balance and power to make sure that you have all the force to really drive those edges.

The All Mountain Stance is your Natural stance + 2 cm. This gives you the perfect balance of performance and comfort for all day cruising on and off piste.

The Freeride stance is your natural stance + 4 cm. It will bring you a good aptitude to carving and help you to absorb chop. It also gives a stable platform for those big powder landings. It will also increase stability at high speed.

The Freestyle Stance is your Natural Stance + 6 to 10 cm, this gives you improved balance for landing jumps and riding switch. Carving will be compromised a little but you’ll make up for that with improved stability. This stance is also recommended for less experienced riders as it will improve your balance when starting to master your technique.