Combining the knowledge and experience of both Nidecker and Flow, this new generation of innovative Nidecker boots is based on the lasts and renowned fit of Flow boots. FlowFit guarantees the best fitting boots right out of the box with the perfect balance of comfort, support and control. And, FlowFit combines great technology with a boot-shape designed for optimum fit and performance with both Flow SpeedEntry and Nidecker 2-strap bindings.


One of the critical keys to comfort is fit and feel, which is why we use the proprietary and anatomically shaped inner and outer FlowFit lasts. Along with the innovative technologies listed below, this gives our boots their award winning and universal fit, specifically developed for all-day, all-mountain riding comfort for all levels of snowboarder.

1. Asym Boa® Closure System

Lined up along the new asymmetrical tongue, the Boa® lace-guides are also asymmetrically positioned on the flatter areas of your forefoot for less point-loaded pressure and a more even closure, which increases medial arch support to reduce foot fatigue and cramping. This Nidecker innovation is co-developed with and approved by Boa®.

Asym 3D Molded Tongue

The asymmetrical tongue is 3D molded and curved towards the medial side, following the naturally raised ridgeline of your forefoot to alleviate pressure points and give a more balanced feel of comfort and support. An anatomically correct and asymmetrical tongue performs better than a simple straight one.

3D Molded/Lasted Toebox

These toe-box designs eliminate extra layers and seams around the toe of the boot, to create a durable and streamlined design with less bulk and a better FlowFit on your foot, and a better FlowFit in your bindings.

Asym Calf-collar & Reverse-cut Liner

Both the top cuff of the liner and the boot shell collar feature our new reverse cut and asymmetrical designs to accommodate the calf muscle anatomy and guarantee a perfect fit, while providing great medial support and increased lateral drive.

Backstays, support & hiback protection

Internal backstays are anatomically shaped and 3D-molded heel reinforcements made from a tough Surlyn material, to provide an even boot flex and long lasting support. Exterior heel panels are also specifically designed to support the Flow reclining highback interaction and reduce friction.


A thermal insulation barrier between the outsole and the bottom of the liner keeps the warmth inside and the cold outside.

Closure System

With our external closure systems, we focus on ease of use, support, comfort and getting your foot closer to the boot by removing bulk and designing ergonomically targeted lace-paths. We partner exclusively with The Boa® System, and no matter which one of the Dual, Single or Hybrid Boa® configurations offered in our range you prefer, our boots will meet your needs. The Boa® System provides quick and easy custom comfort with a smooth and even closure and no pressure points. Gram for gram, Boa® laces are stronger than tank armor, and with the ’Fit For Life Boa Guarantee’, The Boa® System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product into which they are integrated.

Boa® Focus

Boa® Focus are dual dial boots providing exclusive upper and lower zonal adjustment, offering a snug fit and perfect support exactly where you want it. Boa® Focus delivers customizable comfort for longer and stronger days on the hill.

Heel-Lock Focus

This unique dual-dial hybrid features a Boa® Coiler over the tongue and a Boa® side-dial for external focused closure on your ankle area. Simply locking your heel down with a quick turn of the dial means more control with less effort.

Heel-Lock Coiler

A unique hybrid between the single-dial Boa® Coiler and a simple single-pull locking lace system over the ankle zone. Keeping your heel locked down and foot in place means quicker power transfer from boot to board.


Nidecker outsoles are designed to provide the excellent grip needed to walk and hike in any type of winter condition, and to easily slide in and out of Flow SpeedEntry bindings. Our Bare Foot Technology (B.F.T.) outsoles are part of the FlowFit system and support, dampen and conform to enhance the anatomical performance of your foot. B.F.T. outsoles utilize materials that maximize the natural feel between your feet and the terrain, and make a perfect connection between you and your board.

B.F.T. Vibram® Approach

Our 5-part B.F.T. Approach outsole utilizes special, high-traction Vibram® rubber for maximized grip and durability, a high-density EVA midsole with reinforced shank for superior support, and N-Gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot for plush comfort.

B.F.T. Vibram® Contact

Our lightweight 4-part B.F.T. Contact outsole combines special Vibram® rubber for excellent traction, a lightweight expanded EVA midsole and N-Gel cushioning in the heel for an unparalleled ratio of performance and comfort.

B.F.T. FreeTrack

The B.F.T FreeTrack is a super durable, all-rubber outsole designed to support the anatomy of your foot and give you the authentic barefoot feel. Some models offer N-Gel cushioning in the heel for additional comfort.


Our all-new range of Gold, Silver and Bronze Level liners features new special foams, pre-molded on our FlowFit lasts for a perfect fit right out of the box. They will also self-mold over time or they can be thermo-molded* in the shop for an excellent custom fit. Furthermore, these liners feature improved constructions for better heel-hold, and new Silvadur™ Anti-microbial and Moisture-wicking lining materials for a more comfortable feel and to keep your feet warm and dry. Both the top cuff of the liner and the boot shell cuff feature our new reverse-cut and asymmetrical design, which accommodate different calf shapes and guarantee a perfect fit.

Gold-Level Heatmoldable Liner

The pinnacle of plush comfort and support, the Gold-Level Heat Moldable liner fully customizes to the form of your foot. This liner features high-density thermo foam, extra padded comfort-cuff and tongue, neoprene custom flex-zone toe box, internal multi-layer latex J-bars and external J-bars plus EVA reinforcement panels for optimum support and superior heel-hold. This liner is super easy to tighten or loosen with the easy-lock Ripper-Lacing system, even when your boot is closed up, and a Velcro custom-closure top strap offers additional upper support.

Silver-Level Heatmoldable Liner

The Silver-level Heat Moldable liner offers premier comfort and performance, featuring high-density thermo foam, our reverse-cut asymmetrical comfort-cuff and internal multi-layer latex J-bar construction. The shell-integrated lacing harness offers easy control of tightness and support, and the Helios model adds exclusive Velcro top strap closure and external EVA reinforcement panels for targeted support.

Bronze-Level Heatmoldable Liner

Customizable fit and feel made affordable, with the Bronze-Level Heat Moldable liner. Targeted thermo-form foam, our innovative and comfortable reverse-cut top cuff, multi-layer J-bars and tethered liner lacing with a no-drift Velcro custom closure offer comfort and performance for happy feet, day after day, season after season.


The closer you get to the foot, the more critical the technology becomes. We design from the inside out, making our insoles a focal point in our testing and development.

3D Molded Triple-density

An advanced anatomical shape in comfort EVA with high-density EVA supporting the deep heel cup and arch, and special high-rebound EVA cushioning the heel. A Silicone top-print adds traction to the fleece-lined footbed.

3D Molded Dual-density

An extra layer of high-density EVA supports the deep heel cup and anatomical arch, while comfort EVA offers more flexibility to the forefoot. Silicone top-print adds traction to the fleece-lined footbed.

3D Molded Single-density

Pre-molded and anatomically shaped comfort EVA supports your feet, and a silicone top-print adds traction to the fleece-lined footbed.

Internal Closure