What is your style of riding, this question will help us to define the best outline for you. But have in mind that No matter what type of terrain you prefer, all our boards are designed to ride on the slopes and in the backcountry.

Freeriding can be summed up pretty easily. It’s all about riding the natural terrain of the mountain. A true freeride board will handle groomed runs just fine, but with more directional shapes and set back stances, they really come alive on big powder days in the backcountry.

All-mountain riding is without a doubt, what most of us like to do. Generally speaking, these boards have a bit more set back to make them more versatile. For having fun anywhere on the mountain, from the slopes to the backcountry to the park, just as the name indicates, these boards are designed to do it all.

Whether riding hard or soft boots, doing big carves is quite simply one of the best feelings you’ll ever get on a snowboard. The boards in this category deliver the ultimate in carving performance. From getting horizontal on perfectly groomed slopes to throwing huge amounts of spray in powder, these boards are all about one thing only… laying down high speed turns.