It’s never easy to judge yourself. No matter how well you ride, the number one rule on the mountain is to never overestimate your abilities. Even on the most mismatched equipment for your skill set, you’ll still have fun linking a few turns. But, if you’re honest with yourself and the salesperson in the shop, you’ll buy the right gear and have a great time, every time you ride. And that’s what snowboarding is all about.

We’ve all been there. Even the best snowboarders in the world were beginners once upon a time. We define a beginner as a rider who is just starting out or who hasn’t progressed past the green and blue slopes. Of course, if you have a bit more experience, but enjoy an easy going ride, these boards will work perfectly for you, too.

This level is all about improving your snowboarding skills. You’ve mastered the basics, and want to progress to the next level. These boards are made for riders who are starting to explore the whole mountain and are looking for a more dynamic and responsive ride.

Advanced riders can handle pretty much everything the mountain has to offer, and like to push their personal limits no matter their preferred choice of terrain or riding style. The boards in this category are designed to live up to the highest performance standards, no matter how hard you put them to the test.