Carbon Technology

  • 1.Carbon HIBACK

    This award winning technology delivers one of the most precise hibacks on the market. Stiff, responsive and lightweight, this is one binding that really does let you push it to the max. But the real secret to our carbon hiback is its shape. We’ve designed it to be comfortable as well as responsive, because at the end of the day, snowboarding is meant to be fun, no matter how good you are.

  • 2.unibody pro BASEPLATE

    The Unibody Pro baseplate is exclusively used on our two-strap Carbon binding. The baseplate shape mixed with the perfect blend of 33% fiberglass, delivers the ultimate in precision with maximum comfort.

  • 3.Carbon hyperfuse STRAP

    Using the patented NOW Binding HYPERFUSE Technology, this stitchless, spineless and seamless strap delivers an unrivalled balance of comfort and performance. Its inner guts are constructed with strong, durable and flexible nylon webbing, which is then sandwiched between two layers of injected EVA.

  • 4.n-alum3 axis buckles

    Our standard aluminum 3-axis buckle is designed to be especially resistant. We’ve been refining this buckle for years to ensure we’ve made it as light as possible, without effecting durability.


All our baseplates are uniquely engineered to transfer energy directly to the board without loss of efficiency or natural board feel.

The Unibody Power baseplate is shaped to increase lateral flex, without compromising precision and support. Perfect for riders who want a comfortable all-terrain ride.


The straps are where the support and a pretty big part of a bindings comfort come from. This is why we pay special attention to Straps. Whether using bindings that feature the FLOW®Technology or a traditional 2 strap design, the fact that we only use straps that feature a contoured shape ensure that no matter which binding you choose, performance and comfort will always be the priority.

High performance, highly comfortable ankle strap which keeps your feet locked in and on point.


All our High backs have been designed to optimize the rider’s transfer of energy to the baseplate to give the perfect balance of control, response
and comfort.

These hibacks have been designed to provide flex where you want it, support and durability where you need it. Their ergonomic design follows the natural contour of your legs to maximize both control and comfort.