2 Straps


2 Straps Entry
Although they’ve been around forever, two strap binding technology keeps improving. At Nidecker we’ve created some of the most innovative bindings you can ride. With advanced 3D straps, perfectly adjusted bases and fast and strong easy release buckles our binding range utilises the most up to date design and materials to give class leading performance with lightning fast entry and exit.

Overall Comfort
By utilising the very best strap technology available, including the acclaimed NOW® Hyperfuse design, combined with specially designed foot pads. Our binding range has been designed to cocon your feet by giving you the very best support and heel hold, ensuring that those days of over tightening your straps and foot cramps are consigned to history.

Powerfully Connected
Our binding range has been created to deliver perfect harmony between base, highbacks and straps, what does this mean for you? It means that you get increased control, improved feel and that feeling of being directly connected to your board.