• 2 Straps

    2 Straps Entry Although they’ve been around forever, two strap binding technology keeps improving. At Nidecker we’ve created some of the most innovative bindings you can ride. With advanced 3D (…)

  • Comfort - Support - Control

    Comfort and fit Anyone can design a snowboard boot, but to design a snowboard boot that gives all day riding comfort combined with great performance is an entirely different thing. At Nidecker (…)

  • Dual-Entry - Comfort - Connected

    Dual-entry versatility The Universal interface and unrivaled versatility of the FLOW Technology reclining hiback and fullsized LSR ratchets allow the ease of use and flexibility to choose how you (…)

  • Construction

    From day one R&D has been at the forefront of everything we do. Pushing ourselves and the construction of our boards from the very beginning of our company, has allowed us to come up with (…)