Snowboard Innovations


By 1991 the Nidecker snowboard business was booming thanks to board designs such as “The Concept”, one of the first asymmetrical snowboards. Nidecker was now selling boards in over 25 countries. The success prompted Henri IV to convert the Rolle office into one of the most modern and ecological snowboard factories in the world in 1994. In 2002, Nidecker collaborated with the leading Swiss technical university ‘EPFL’ in Lausanne to produce the first “Megalight” snowboard. This featherweight snowboard weighed less than 3 kg. Then in 2007, Nidecker teamed up with the University of Bern to develop new techniques for welding wood. The partnership created a new production process that allowed wood cores to be combined without glue. Using the technology Nidecker produced the lightest snowboard in the world at that time, the “Ultralight”, which took top prize in the 2009 EuroSIMA new technology category.