Where can I buy _______ ?

Check stock availability at your local Nidecker dealer.
We do not know inventory at our dealers. Please contact a dealer via phone or email to verify stock availability.

When the new website will be live ?

We debut our new product line including a refreshed website in early October.
All authorized Nidecker Dealers also have access to our catalogs.
Find your local dealer here. (link dealer locator)
For south hemisphere, please contact our distributor, you will find his information here.

Do you make custom boards or sizes?

No, we currently do not offer custom graphics or sizes due to the complexity and expensive price of setup tools.

What is my board’s factory edge angle?

All Nidecker boards come with a 90 degree factory edge angle. You may adjust the edge angle to tune the board to your riding style or local conditions.

Maintaining your edges is crucial for maximum performance. Tune magne-traction edges using the same technique and tools as standard edges, just use a little less pressure.

Nidecker dealers and professional ski/board tuning shops will offer the best tuning services. Find your local dealer here.

Should I de-tune the tip and tail edges?

Nidecker boards come lightly de-tuned from the factory. It is not mandatory to de-tune your board more, but if you feel the tip or tail of the board is still catchy, you may de-tune further using sand paper or a file.
For questions about de-tuning, contact your local Nidecker dealer here.

Do you sell factory seconds or special products?

No, we do not sell factory seconds or any special products. You may find discounted or previous model year products to your local dealer.

Can I order previous season products ?

We do not stock previous season’s products. If you are looking for a particular item from a past season, please check with your local dealer or search online. To find a local dealer, click here.

Where can I demo your boards ?

You can demo our boards at select retailers around the world. Look for the nearest Nidecker dealer in your region here. (link dealer locator)
Please contact retailers by phone or email to confirm demo availability and to learn about special demo event opportunities.

Do you have a job for me?

There are currently no open positions at Nidecker headquarters in Rolle (Switzerland). We do accept resumes and CV for future reference if a position becomes available, but please do not expect an immediate response when submitted. You may send your information here.

If you are looking for a position in a specific country, you may contact our distributors directly. Please find our distributors contact here.

Will you sponsor me?

We are always looking to meet new high caliber shredders and snowboard mountaineers.
Our team is currently stacked with a solid crew of talented riders so additional sponsorship opportunities are limited, but it’s not impossible to join our team if you have extremely notable skills and experience.
Consider your sponsorship application like the application for an important professional job. The first step is to submit a “Portfolio” that showcases your riding abilities and backcountry experience. Your portfolio may include photos, videos, climbing/riding resume, contest results, media coverage and current sponsors. Send your portfolio to Nidecker here. (link contact form)
Also note that the best way to earn sponsorship is to begin at the regional level. If you are one of the most talented and motivated local riders there might be an opportunity to begin working with the Nidecker distributor or rep in your region. Joining the shop team of your local Nidecker dealer is also a great way to jump start your riding career.

Good luck!

Can I have some free stickers?

Yes! We will give you free stickers if you send us a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE). Feel free to also send us any pictures, art or stories you’d like to share. Amazing submissions may be richly rewarded!
Find the address to send the Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope in your home country right here. (link world distributor)

Is my board "shred ready" when I buy it?

All Nidecker boards are ready to ride straight out of the package. All boards are tuned and factory-waxed, so that you can get right down to business as soon as you leave the shop.