A well-designed last guarantees optimal fit, an exceptionally comfortable feeling and ideal distribution of force from the legs to the boots and from the boots to the bbindings and boards. NIDECKER Swnoboards offers a full size range distribution based on MONDOPOINT and 1:1 lasting on very boot. It means every half and full size liner gets a matching half and full LAST and Shell.

Mondopoint * Euro US Men US Women UK * Last Reference
18.5 29 11.5Y - 10.5Y
19 30 12.0Y - 11.0Y
19.5 31 12.5Y - 12.0Y
20 31.5 1 - -
21 33 2 - 1
21.5 34 2.5 - 1.5
22 34.5 3 4 2
22.5 35.5 4 5 3
23 36.5 4.5 5.5 3.5
23.5 37 5 6 4
24 37.5 5.5 6.5 4.5
24.5 38 6 7 5
25 39 7 8 6
25.5 40 7.5 8.5 6.5
26 40.5 8 9 7
26.5 41 8.5 9.5 7.5
27 42 9 10 8
27.5 43 9.5 - 8.5
28 43.5 10 - 9
28.5 44 11 - 10
29 45 11.5 - 10.5
29.5 46 12 - 11
30 46.5 12.5 - 11.5
30.5 47 13 - 12
31 48 13.5 - 12.5
31.5 49 14 - 13


A thermal insulating barrier between the outsole and the liner, which keeps the heat
inside and the cold outside.

Our 3-D lasted tongue is anatomically correct to provide less bulk and a true natural
flex without boot distortion.

The upper cuff of the boot is connected to the lower boot allowing the ankle to flex naturally while providing support. This is a high performance construction that is
smooth flexing without shell distortion.

Eliminates extra layers and seams around the tip of the boot and creates a durable streamlined design with less bulk and better fit.

Tough Surlyn material, anatomically shaped and 3-D molded heel reinforcement
to provide an even boot flex and long lasting support.


Barefoot Technology (BFT)

The FLOW Technology B.F.T outsoles support, dampen and conform without getting in the way of your natural ability. Flow Technology B.F.T. outsoles utilize materials to maximize the natural feel between your feet and the terrain. Utilizing a wet/dry rubber compound that grips in all conditions and a special blend of EVA that cusions impacts, NIDECKER boots deliver the perfect connection between you and your board.

This is a special temperature tolerant gel compound that has been tested for years. OC Kush is not affected by temperature change.

Our 4-part B.F.T. Contact utilizes a Vibram® wet/dry rubber compound, an EVA
Midsole and OC-Kush in the forefoot and heel.

Low Profile Cup

Despite its simple appearance, this sole offers a foot-cradling design, excellent traction, cushioned areas, and minimal weight.


Designed to be as light as possible without any compromise on durability. The main body uses ultralight EVA and the areas with high abrasion risk and traction efforts are reinforced with a durable rubber.


Self Molding Pu Dual Density

Advanced anatomical shape with deep heel cup and arch support. Memory foam topsheet custom molds to your foot without having to heat it. With an added traction silicone screen print.

Molded EVA

With the EVA foam molded into the anatomical shape with a deep heel cup and arch support, the forefoot gets more Kush for flexibility while the arch and hell remain more supportive.

Die Cut EVA

Standard mix of diecut EVA with a layer of moisture wicking antimicrobial material.



Confortable and easy to go in and out.

Liner lace lock / comfortable diecut EVA footbed.


Maximize comfort while also firmly holding feet in place.

Internal « j » bars, Liner lace lock, comfortable diecut EVA footbed.


Ultimate Comfort and precision - Highdensity Thermo- forming foam with a custom flex zone to get a maximum comfort and precision.

Internal & External J-Bars and a Ripper lacing harness w/ OC Kush


EVA Liner designed for Rental usage.

360° power strap, elastic lacing, internal ‘‘J’’ bars for heel hold, size marking.


Normal lace

Because standard can be a must, we put a special effort to develop the best lace with no energy lost and maximum confort to tighten as you want.

Speed lace

Used exclusively on the Youth Player, this easy closure system will help the futur champions or their parents to be perfectly laced.


The BOA® Closure System provides quick and easy custom comfort with a smooth, even closure and no pressure points. BOA® components are guaranteed for life.