It’s not hard to make a snowboard look good, what is hard though, is making a snowboard ride good. There’s 100’s of boards out there, but there’s only a handful that really stand out. That’s because to create the best snowboards out there, you need a knowledge of shaping and material engineering that you can only get through experience. With over 100years of experience in winter sports product development, we’ve come to the conclusion that the eye and knowledge of a shaper will always outweigh that of a CAD designer. There’s nothing we enjoy more than the hours of riding, conceptualizing, sharing, and testing that we put into each and every model in our line.

Tail Shape

You could be forgiven for thinking that the tail of your board isn’t really that important. But think again, the tail really is a key element in the design of the board. It’s what allows you to finish your turn and initiate the next one, but it can also be your nose when your ride in switch. So no matter what type of board you ride it’s always going to be an important part of its make up.

All Round

Pretty much the same as the All Round nose shape. With a pure and simple transition it delivers an easy and smooth ride. Predictable and playful in the turn and a second nose for the switch riding.


We use this on our exciting new Mellow. Specially designed to sink the tail, it lets us drastically reduce the length of the board.

Inversed Round

This innovative shape creates an extra responsive board whilst allowing us to reduce the overall length. Perfect for riders who want the ultimate carving performance.

Round Square

This evolution of the all around tail allows you to ride switch without compromising the boards responsiveness.