It’s not hard to make a snowboard look good, what is hard though, is making a snowboard ride good. There’s 100’s of boards out there, but there’s only a handful that really stand out. That’s because to create the best snowboards out there, you need a knowledge of shaping and material engineering that you can only get through experience. With over 100years of experience in winter sports product development, we’ve come to the conclusion that the eye and knowledge of a shaper will always outweigh that of a CAD designer. There’s nothing we enjoy more than the hours of riding, conceptualizing, sharing, and testing that we put into each and every model in our line.

Sidecut Shapes

The radius is similar to the steering wheel of your car. A smaller radius will naturally make the board turn shorter, and vice versa. One of the secret is an adjusted radius next to the contact edges, allowing you to turn with ease. This is why we adjust always the sidecut depending on the program of the board and the rider specifications (weight / shoe size).

R5 Series

This 5 meter + radius is the one we use for our kids boards. It allows the rider to be able to turn quickly helping with both progression and confidence. We believe it ensures that kids have fun and learn the correct technique from day one.

R6 Series

The ultra short radius of 6 meter + is the one we use for light weight riders. This radius is perfect for lighter riders who don’t have as much power in their legs but who still want a board that delivers responsive and reassuring turns.

R7 Series

This short 7+ meter side cut is perfect for short turns, mix it with a stiffer flex and what you get is the ultimate carving machine.

R8 Series

A Medium side cut from 8+ meters for medium radius turns…. Perfect for cruising and versatile for the everyday ride.

R9 Series

Medium to long side cut from 9+ meters. Perfect for heavier riders or anyone that wants a stable board that let’s you lay out those big long carves.