It’s not hard to make a snowboard look good, what is hard though, is making a snowboard ride good. There’s 100’s of boards out there, but there’s only a handful that really stand out. That’s because to create the best snowboards out there, you need a knowledge of shaping and material engineering that you can only get through experience. With over 100years of experience in winter sports product development, we’ve come to the conclusion that the eye and knowledge of a shaper will always outweigh that of a CAD designer. There’s nothing we enjoy more than the hours of riding, conceptualizing, sharing, and testing that we put into each and every model in our line.


The profile defines what type of rider the board is made for. We use different types of profile dependent on the category of board, these are Surfy CamRock, Freeride CamRock, Std CamRock or Regular Camber. It’s not just this profile that defines the performance of the board though, equally important is the profiling of the woodcore. This creates the overall flex characteristics and will determine flex and rebound. This really is the engine room for the boards performance, and it’s our experience that ensures that we get this right.

Natural Camber

Traditional Camber is the bedrock for performance snowboards, its extra grip and powerful response has made it the default choice for riders who are looking for ultimate carving performance. The secret to our advanced camber is the addition of 8 to 10 cm flat transitions at the contact points, delivering the ultimate in precision, edge hold and stability.

Freeride CamRock

Freeride CamRock gives you everything you need to slay those backcoutry lines. Matching a longer rocker in the nose with camber under the feet and a reduced rocker at the tail creates a floaty, yet maneuverable board that inspires confidence to really push your riding.

STD CamRock

Camrock represents the best rocker/camber combination in snowboarding today, and has taken our entire board line up a notch. This tried and true camber is perfect for riders who want to access everything on the mountain. With camber between the bindings and rocker evenly distributed in the nose and tail, this is the all-mountain, all conditions profile that will leave you stoked and smiling from ear to ear. Standard CamRock is the best hybrid rocker/camber profile on the market today and the no1 choice for most riders.

Surfy CamRock

Our Surfy CamRock delivers that special surfy feeling that the new generation of freeriders look for. With a long rocker in the nose for optimized float and a regular camber through the middle and tail, it gives you all the reactivity you need to ride with a lot of setback and a very short fish tail.