It’s not hard to make a snowboard look good, what is hard though, is making a snowboard ride good. There’s 100’s of boards out there, but there’s only a handful that really stand out. That’s because to create the best snowboards out there, you need a knowledge of shaping and material engineering that you can only get through experience. With over 100years of experience in winter sports product development, we’ve come to the conclusion that the eye and knowledge of a shaper will always outweigh that of a CAD designer. There’s nothing we enjoy more than the hours of riding, conceptualizing, sharing, and testing that we put into each and every model in our line.

Nose Shapes

As the first thing to come into contact with the snow, the board’s nose is the gateway to defining the riding character of each board. Get it right and it’s the gateway to the very essence of snowboarding.

All Round Nose

The classic snowboard shape that’s been proven through years of riding. With a pure and simple transition we use it in our All Around boards. Easy and smooth to ride.

Round Pic

Specially created for our new freeride board The Mellow, we’ve extended the transition from the contact points into the nose giving the board increased flotation whilst being able to reduce the overall size of the board.

Round Double Square

This new generation of nose shape combines a wider profile with a smoother transition allowing the designer to dial in float for a shorter and more compact shape.

Set Back

the set back is the mesure between the center of the running edge and the center of the inserts. All our boards have set back from -5 mm to 60 mm depending on the type of the board.

Pin Tail

The pin tail is the difference between the Nose Width and the Tail Width. It gives to the board fluidity and helps speed up acceleration, not really for riding switch though. Pin Tail is mostly commonly found on Freeride or Freecarve boards.