Slice ’n’ Dice | Volume 5

Happo Banks

All photos by Ed Blomfield

From the moment the first person stepped on a board, it’s always been about the turn. The first pop up in Hawaii, the first schoolyard bank carved in California or the first pow slash at Mt Baker, riders have always sought out that perfect carve whether it was on a glassy wave, asphalt hill or snowy ridge.

The Slice ‘n’ Dice crew’s search took them to Hakuba on Japan’s main island where resident snowsurfers have created their own carving paradise: Happo Banks. Perfectly shaped waves of snow lie under a dedicated chair, waiting for a hungry edge or trailing hand. Left, left, right - they dance from wall to wall leaving singular, distinct lines each lap.

Always seeking perfection, never satisfied, Volume 5 shows a taste of how much can be achieved with such simple tools. The Banks are both snowboarding’s past and future meshed together, and Slice ‘n’ Dice are here to show you how to ride it.


Dave Crozier rides the Nidecker Tracer, an asymmetric carving board that’s perfect for ripping powder when it’s there, or getting low on the groomers when it’s not.

A high-precision carving machine like no other that come in both regular and goofy sizes - click here to find out more.


Lewis Sonvico rides the Nidecker Area, a fast charging board for groomers and backcountry riding, but with a forgiving flex that makes it more playful than most.

This year it features a graphic collab with Swiss photographer David Carlier - click here for more more details.