Pepp By Granbom - The First Episode

Christoffer Granbom sets out to relight the fire in Fernie

All photos by Patrick Belisle/Fernie Wilderness Adventures

When you have a goal, sometimes it’s easy to forget why you started out on the path in the first place. For Christoffer Granbom, the last few years were spent first gaining entry to the Freeride World Tour, then fighting to stay on it, often having to ride in sub-par conditions.

After a while, his exhilaration at the drop in started to wane, so when he stepped away from the tour he felt it was time to re-connect with the reasons he started in the first place.

Pepp By Granbom is just that - a new web-series showcasing Christoffer’s new-found freedom to travel and link up with old riding buddies. The first episode sees him head to Fernie, Canada for some in-bounds pillow popping, backcountry sledding and cat-boarding, all with Stefan Östling, a transplanted local and former freeriding competitor.

With drops and face shots abounding in this first vid, it sets the scene for more to come. Stay tuned!

What He Rode

The Escape

When you swap out burly big mountain lines for something more playful and fun, you want to switch up your ride to something a little more appropriate as well.

The Nidecker Escape is just that: an all-mountain cruiser that takes notes from our high end boards, but softens out the aggressiveness and cranks up the entertainment.

With full camber between the contact points it can still handle itself just fine through turns, but its wood veneer topsheet and lightweight Master Core means there’s plenty of liveliness for buttering and sending it off jumps - the perfect board for Pepp By Granbom!

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