Nidecker welcomes Mike Basich,
Tim Humphreys and Shin Biyajima to the family.

Rolle, January 22nd, 2018 – Three internationally renowned snowboarders, Mike Basich, Tim Humphreys and Shin Biyajima have signed sponsorship contracts to join the ranks of the famed Swiss snowboard company NIDECKER. They will now be riding NIDECKER boots and snowboards exclusively, while continuing their collaboration with FLOW bindings, one of the leading boardsports brands owned and operated by the NIDECKER GROUP.

Mike Basich - Lake Tahoe, USA California

Born and raised in Lake Tahoe, California, Mike Basich is living legend in the snowboarding world. He received his first snowboard in 1985 as a gift from his mother. He immediately fell in love with snowboarding and became a fixture at local mountains like Donner Ski Ranch, Sugar Bowl and Boreal, where he honed his skills before taking off to travel the world, competing in professional contests and filming. Mike is also a talented photographer, often using himself as the main subject. His most famous shot is a selfie he took while jumping out of a helicopter from over 100 feet above the ground strapped to his snowboard. Basich currently lives off the grid on a piece of land he purchased and transformed into his own little slice of snowboarding paradise. It’s now known as Area-241, and even has its own chairlift. When Mike isn’t riding at home or taking photos, he’s hard at work on his tiny home projects and his own clothing brand featuring the same name as his mountain retreat, 241.

Tim Humphreys - Truckee, USA California

Currently residing in Truckee, California and ripping the slopes around Lake Tahoe, Tim Humphreys originally comes the flat lands of New Jersey and grew up riding the icy slopes of the northeastern United States. Although he competed in the occasional contest as a younger pro, Humphreys is now known as one of the best “selfie” filmers in the business, in the park and the backcountry with his creative outlook on all kinds of terrain and his unique style. He’s also a fantastic human being who thoroughly enjoys life on and off the mountain and goes out of his way to spend time getting to know and ride with the people he meets on his travels. Tim is also a talented skater and dedicated surfer, honing is all-round riding skills every chance he gets.

Shin Biyajima - Nagano, Japan

Hailing from Nagano, Japan, host city of the first-ever Olympic halfpipe competition, Shin Biyajima could have followed in the footsteps of the freestylers he witnessed making history as a teenager. But the call of the backcountry was too strong. Shin now spends most of his time riding the famous powder-filled slopes of Hakuba in the Japanese Alps. When not showing his friends in the international freeride scene around his home mountains, he’s off making a name for himself in front of the cameras in places like Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the wilds of the Alaskan backcountry, where he recently impressed the snowboard world with some serious lines down some serious spines. Although not a full-time competitor, Shin finished second behind Travis Rice at the Freeride World Qualifier event in Hakuba Japan in 2017.

The whole Nidecker family is very excited to collaborate with such accomplished athletes and to welcome them to the team:

“I’m honored to have Mike Basich, Tim Humphreys and Shin Biyajima join us as we enter a new chapter in the storied history of Nidecker. All three are extremely talented riders, and well respected in the world of snowboarding. The entire team looks forward to working with them and integrating their input, knowledge and experience into every aspect of our snowboard and boot programs.”
– Thierry Kunz, Brand Lead Nidecker