Mathieu Crepel Surfs And Shreds Mid-Winter Norway

Aurora Riding North - sea to summit riding in Norway

Anyone who’s connected to our world will have felt the pull of Norway recently, for a spring touring destination with ethereal rides from peak to ocean it’s hard to beat, and every April and May social media feeds feel stuffed with midnight riding shots from Lofoten and the Lygen Alps.

However, few dare venture as far north during the deepest days of winter, where sunlight lasts but a few hours each day. It’s hard living and hard riding, but for some that makes the call all the stronger.

Mathieu Crepel, along with surf companion Damien Castera, made the trip over last January, packing both surf and snowboards for an adventure sans comparison. Carving off peaks through golden hour after golden hour, trekking shores beneath staggering peaks and catching icy barrels under the Aurora Borealis… It’s hard to imagine a payoff more worth the effort than this.

Film produced by When We Were Kids
Directed by Pierre Frechou
Photography by Greg Rabejac

What He Rode: The Mellow

A solid team favourite and the perfect board to blend the lines between surfing and snowboarding as that is exactly what it was designed to do! With a wider waist and blended surfy camrock the Mellow is meant to be ridden a little on the back foot, emulating those bottom turns and laid out cutbacks perfectly on snow, and with a tough, sinter N-700 base it’s never short of speed whilst carving a bank or flying down the line.