Brands Unite For POW Europe

The Nidecker Group and Burton pledge funding to support European arm of Protect Our Winters

Photo: Ed Blomfield

Founded in 2007 by Jeremy Jones, Protect Our Winters campaigns for systemic political solutions to climate change by engaging the outdoor community in climate advocacy. In recent years it has begun to win battles and find success in its home in the United States - now after they hosted their annual Global Summit in Innsbruck last month the organisation is expanding its focus in Europe.

Jake Black, POW’s Program Manager in Boulder, Colorado, oversees the efforts of the European chapters. “Every country in our European coalition is working hard to reduce its emissions, but all are coming up short due to a variety of limitations. We believe that by creating a multiyear strategic plan that provides a regional vision, each country can then develop their own plans that leverage the outdoor community in influencing systemic political solutions to help reduce emissions,” said Black. “Europe is ripe for climate action and POW aims to add value to the movement by bringing the outdoor community to the table.”

Donna Carpenter, Xavier Nidecker, Henry Nidecker and Mario Molina at the POW Global Summit, June 2019. Photo: Florian Breitenberger

The Nidecker Group - on behalf of Nidecker and Jones Snowboards - are proud to announce that both they and Burton Snowboards are committing to supporting POW’s work in Europe, each donating $50,000 US Dollars to the organisation. The donations will support Protect Our Winters in their efforts to build a comprehensive strategy for the diverse European market, grow their regional chapters and cover upfront costs.

Burton Snowboards’ Co-CEO Donna Carpenter, Nidecker Group CEO Henry Nidecker and Jones Snowboards’ Brand Manager Xavier Nidecker were in attendance at the two-day summit in Innsbruck.

“It’s important to us that POW Europe has the resources they need to accelerate the European transition to sustainability,” said Henry Nidecker. “This donation is an investment in all of our futures."

POW team, assemble! Photo: Florian Breitenberger

“After working closely with POW in the U.S. for many years, it is time to expand our common focus to Europe to help POW grow and evolve,” said Donna Carpenter. “We are proud to support their cause as it aligns with our mission to invest in sustainability and protect our natural playgrounds.”

"Sustainability has been at the core of our mission since the foundation of Jones by Jeremy Jones. It’s an honour to partner with POW as they unite people across industries, cultures and geographies to fight together on behalf of our planet,” said Xavier Nidecker.