Agathe Toman | Art Collab

‟It’s all about feeling„

Agathe Toman is a young French illustrator, painter and visual artist based in Biarritz in the Southwest of France, but she grew up in Paris. A self-taught illustrator, she mainly uses biro pen and acrylic matte paints, most of the time on large formats. Hope, inevitability, love, fate, poetry, dreams, death, Mother Nature, the moon and the sky all blend together in her body of work. The world of her art is only black and white. Black represents both contrast, light, darkness and that no mistakes are allowed. It spreads feelings and emotions with each stroke. No matter if it’s abstract or figurative, it leaves no one indifferent. She works relentlessly, with impressive attention to detail, trying to make all of her illustrations realistic and full of life within her dark and surreal universe. She also cofounded the graphic design studio and workshop A + F. There is always a specific message, meaning and pattern in her art, but she wants to let viewers have their own impressions and feelings depending on their own stories and subconscious. Therefore she offers few clues as to the meaning of her works. This is a starting point for sharing what each person feels about the same illustration or painting.
"It’s about feelings, the ones that change your life and your inner self - positively or negatively. Those feelings that affect the rest of your existence, the most extreme events that happen to you in your life. Each of my illustrations and paintings represents one thing that has changed my life, for better or for worse".
From Huck Magazine, April 2016.