Some say that there is just one small step between advertising and art, but others consider it a sizeable leap. Nevertheless, this is the path that Marc Ninghetto chose to take. A recognised photographer both in the world of fashion and the watch industry, in just a few years Ninghetto has become one of the biggest names in Swiss art photography, owing his reputation and success to his own original style and technique.

Fresh out of the Vevey School of Photography, Marc left for Paris to become first assistant to Dominique Issermann after the famous photographer had shown great interest in his work. During his year in the French capital and thanks to his experience under Issermann, Marc gained confidence in himself and in his work.

Out of all of his experiences within the fashion industry, it is without a doubt the work he carried out with Dominique Isserman that has had the greatest influence on his style. His sensitive eye for detail, admired by fellow professionals, the passion with which he captures his female subjects, the dreamlike veil that envelops his work, were all born during his return to Paris.
In 15 years and as many exhibitions, Marc Ninghetto has refined his point of view, developed his technique and asserted his own style, all the while retaining his sensitive eye.

After working for several years on particularly demanding advertising campaigns in the fashion, watch and jewellery industries, he began to feel a need to dedicate his time to purely personal projects. Following this reflection and the work that it inspired, Marc discovered
a new direction, and with it, a style and a technique. Though his personal work focuses on human subjects, it only ever features women, sometime in all their greatness, others at their most sensual, but always beautiful.

Marc uses this sensitivity and onto it he superimposes a complex manipulation of his devices. Using an original technique that he calls “digital sampling”, his pieces are a subtle fusion of sleek bodies and strong materials, tears and typography, each layer, transparent or opaque,
covering or uncovering the subject of the photograph. Just like a piece of music, each movement brings its own tonality, sometimes discordant, to complete the work as a whole. It is in this dimension that the artist introduces an unsettling ambiguity to pieces which at first seem sensitive and soft. It might be a tear on a delicate face, red typography in a child’s shadow or that fine detail that, upon closer inspection, is not what you first thought it was.

Communicating directly with our emotions, the work of Marc Ninghetto, often in large prints, wraps us in a world rich in charm and opens the doors on an imaginary universe in which words, bodies and textures combine to produce stunning perspectives. A gentle sensation of lightheadedness often takes over the spectator as his eyes lose themselves deep inside Marc’s work.

I found my inspiration for creating this artwork in the idea of voyaging. The weathered edge of a photograph and the old Swiss stamp take us on a voyage through time.
We discover the mountain, like an apparition through a window.
It invites us to come slide down its slopes, as delicate as the face that reminds us in the obscurity there is always a piece of humanity in its heart.

The artwork on this board is an invitation to a treasure hunt, to discovery.
The streaks on the parchment lead us to an ancient map.
It casts a doubt on time and lends weight to the idea that the emblematic and contemporary form of the Matterhorn has always been there.
The sharp-edged graphic elements counteract the rather soft shapes of the roads and paths that each lead wherever they wish…

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