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Freestyle | Asym Twin | camrock

Ideal for Swooping, Looping and Hunting Airs


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The Biomimicry Series is evolving. The Gamma is the latest product of our engineers’ obsession of studying the natural world for new ways to improve snowboarding, and with this completely unique looking board, they’ve outdone themselves again.

We used asymmetry to create more grip, much like the way alpine animals use slightly offset paws to gracefully master the ridgelines of mountain terrain. Whilst the Gamma is a true twin nose to tail, the heel and toe edges are shaped differently. This accounts for the inequality in precision you have turning on each edge. Gamma’s heelside sidecut is markedly tighter than the toeside, meaning it’s much easier to maintain control during frontside turns and carve. This is true both ways - great news for riders who love going switch.

The twin shape is the clue to the Gamma’s intentions: we created this board for those who can't resist launching tricks on any natural feature in their path. It’s a joy for scoping out side-hits by the piste, or for taking freestyle manoeuvres into soft slush or deep pow. If natural terrain inspires your tricks, this is the board for you.

With this in mind, we’ve used the Evolution Spoon Nose from the Alpha and Beta, but for the first time we’ve put the same 3D-shape, with its rolling edge-to-edge feel, to the tail as well. This creates the same smooth turns and float up front, but also brings a looser ride whilst flat based that complements its pin-sharp precision on edge. Paired with our tested camrock profile, Master Core, POP Carbon and N-7000 base, it’s a ton of fun to throw around and get creative with, wherever you are on the mountain.

After all, that’s what the Gamma is: a creative shape, made for creative riders.

2+1 year warranty

Nidecker Snowboards offers you an additional year of warranty against manufacturing defects. Simply register your board HERE to increase your warranty from two years to three years.

Shape & profile

Camrock Versatile and fun but with character


Tech Details

Added Fibers

Pop Carbon picto
Pop Carbon

カーボン繊維をテールから後方のインサートホール、そしてノーズから前方のインサートホールに配置することで力強いレスポンス、ポップとフレックスを生み出します。POP CARBONはよりアグレッシブなライディングに適しています。


N-7000 picto



Premium Sandwich picto
Premium Sandwich

Premium SandwichはClassic Sandwichのパワーとレスポンスを引き上げた構造になります。カーボンやケブラー®と言った新素材を使うことで、ボードに強いポップと高い衝撃吸収性を与えます。

Exclusive Tech

Drop Out picto
Drop Out

Exclusive Tech

Evolution Nose picto
Evolution Nose


Biax Plus picto
Biax Plus

NideckerのスタンダードとなるDual Plusは、ファイバーグラスを90°の角度で交差させることで、より寛容なレスポンスとトーションフレックスを生み出します。この耐久性に優れ、信頼度の高いラミネーションは色々な地形とライダーに適しています。


4/2-6 picto



Absorbnid picto



Master Core picto
Master Core

Mater Core構造は、長年マテリアルと木材加工の様々な実験を行ってきたことで開発されたウッドコアです。このウッドコアは異なる密度を持つ木材(ポプラー、ブナ、トウヒと桐)をミックスすることで軽量化を実現し、重量/パフォーマンス/強度比を完璧なバランスで実現しました。Master Coreは超強度、超レスポンスをもたらす軽量コアです。

Special Details

special details
special details
special details


Board Size (cm)153157
Total Length (mm)15301570
Nose Length (mm)270270
Contact Edge Length (mm)9901030
Effective Edge Length (mm)11301170
Tail Length (mm)270270
Sidecut Radius (m)7.2 toe - 6.9 heel7.5 toe - 7.2 heel
Nose Width (mm)292296
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (mm)261266
Waist Width (mm)252256
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (mm)261266
Tail Width (mm)292296
Taper (mm)
Set Back (mm)00
Reference Stance (mm)530540
Minimum - Maximum Stance (mm)500 - 620500 - 620
Recommended Rider's Weight (kg.)60-7575+
Recommended Rider's Weight (lbs.)132-165165+

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