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Trinity 21/22

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Color: Grey
Size: 25.0

SKU: N.22.BTW.TRY.GY.085.1


TrinityはハイグレードのBoaと素材を併せ持ったコストパフォーマンスに優れたモデルです。評価が高いFlowFitラストを採用したTrinityは通常の2ストラップバインディングにFlow独自のリアエントリーバインディング、両方にしっかりとフィットするよう作られています。5度のフォワードリーンは激しいカービングというより中級者のライダーが快適に上達できる最適な角度と言えるでしょう。Dual Zone Boaのレースには繊維がスティールにまかれ、上下部独立した締め分けが可能な最新のH4 Coiler™が搭載されています。3D成型されたライナーとフットベッドが合わさることでこのブーツは素晴らしいフットホールドを実現します。B.F.T Gravityがもたらすグリップ力と中間フレックスはサーフライクなスタイルやパークでのスタイル出しに最適です。

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Tech Details

Boa Type

picto Boa® H4 Coiler™ Technology
Boa® H4 Coiler™ Technology

Ready for anything, designed to withstand. From park to podium, H4 resists impact from the most demanding rider. Effortless and fast, coiler quickly takes up lace slack, increasing speed of entry into the boot.

Closure System

picto Dual Zone Boa® Sequence™ Configuration
Dual Zone Boa® Sequence™ Configuration

The closure is concentrated over the instep to reduce dynamic movement by shifting the tension in the lace as you flex your boot — no loosening, just redistribution of tension for a comfortable, controlled ride.


picto 3D-Molded

The 3D-molded liner offers instant comfort at a contained price. The multi-layered J-Bars, along with lacing attached to the liner, will keep you comfortable and performing throughout your riding day.


picto 3D Molded Single-Density
3D Molded Single-Density

Pre-molded and anatomically shaped comfort EVA supports your feet, and a silicone top-print adds traction to the fleece-lined footbed.


picto B.F.T. Gravity
B.F.T. Gravity

With the B.F.T. GRAVITY we've gone all in on comfort. This super durable, all-rubber outsole is designed to support the anatomy of your foot, with N-Gel cushioning in selected models. Be it strapped in or just walking around on the snow, you'll look as good and feel as comfortable as you do in your favorite pair of sneakers.

Special Details
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Size Details

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