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The Mosquito 21/22

1 percent planet
Size: 148

SKU: SN200100


This board is built for the rider who is not afraid to ride short boards built with a lot of character. Small side cut radius and short running edges result in something powerful, allowing you to ride fast and smooth. 

The logo was designed by Henry Nidecker’s grandmother in 1946. 

Flex Rate
flexrate 8 flexrate background
Shape and profile
shape and profile
Increase flotability and keep carving performance for a backfoot ride
Tech Details


picto Nidactive

This brand new type of construction inspired by surf boards is a completely unique approach to snowboarding. The rounded top of the wood core and the consistent sidewall height are shaped in the same way as surfboard rails, enabling a maximum amount of pressure to be applied to the edges. It creates this special feeling that makes us like no other... Try it and see for yoursel.


picto 4/2-6



picto Triax Plus Biax
Triax Plus Biax

The combination of Triax on the top and Biax on the bottom results in true sturdiness under your feet. Crafted with a proper torsion box, this combo transfers energy for ultimate responsiveness.


picto Light Core
Light Core

3種類の木材を使ったLight Coreは、Nideckerで最も軽いウッドコアになります。軽さをもたらす桐材、ポップとレスポンスを生み出すポプラー材にエッジ付近には強度、コアの耐久性と、ポップをあたえてくれるブナ材の3つをミックスしています。


picto N-9000


Special Details
special details
Size Details
Board Size (cm) 148L 152W
Total Length (mm) 1480 1520
Nose Length (mm) 450 450
Contact Edge Length (mm) 930 970
Effective Edge Length (mm) - -
Tail Length (mm) 100 100
Sidecut Radius (m) 7150 7300
Nose Width (mm) 303 307
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (mm) 271 272
Waist Width (mm) 258 260
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (mm) 266 267
Tail Width (mm) 291 295
Taper (mm) -12 -12
Set Back (mm) 30 30
Reference Stance (mm) 520 520
Minimum - Maximum Stance (mm) 480 - 600 480 - 600
Recommended Rider's Weight (kg.) 55-75 70+
Recommended Rider's Weight (lbs.) 121-165 154+
Recommended Binding Size - -

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