Mike Bashich, Shin Biyajima

NIDECKER would like to share an inspirational project brought to life by two of our team riders Mike Basich and Shin Biyajima at the end last winter in Alaska.Automatic word wrap
Dream Chaser is more than just a film about snowboarding. It’s the story of an extraordinary adventure driven by a passion for snowboarding and the snowboarding lifestyle, undertaken by two friends and extremely gifted riders.

Mike Basich’s snowboard career has spanned 3 decades and is still going strong. He’s also very talented behind a camera lens. His vision of the world of snowboarding is very personal, with the travel and adventure aspects being equally important as the act of riding itself. This project brings that vision to life, as it follows Mike’s journey from a workshop in his home state of California, where he builds the tiny house on wheels he’ll call home for duration of his trek. His final destination is the snowboarding mecca of Haines, Alaska, where he’s joined by his friend and travelling companion, Shin Biyajima.

Lovingly constructed, with painstaking care and an incredible attention to detail, the tiny house on wheels is the third star of the show. With enough room for Mike and Shin to sleep and live comfortably, literally wherever they decide to park on the side of the road, the tiny house has all the amenities two snowboarders could ever need from a fully functioning kitchen to a wood burning stove, stereo with surround sound, a flat screen TV and a bathtub with a view of some of the most majestic mountains on Earth. It even has a system to hang a snowmobile off the back without a trailer.

As for the action on the mountain, it’s not at all about the typical Alaskan big mountain long lens and helicopter perspectives. Mike was a precursor in using point-of-view angles in photography and has transferred that skill to filmmaking. From powder filled face shots filmed with pole and helmet mounted cameras to high-speed snowmobile runs across empty snow fields shot from above with a drone, the entire production is filmed by Mike and Shin.

After a long day riding in the middle of nowhere the two co-stars sit on the back deck of the tiny house sipping beers and reflecting on their adventure.

Shin is definitely impressed by what he’s experienced: “Snowboarding in Alaska is pretty extreme, mentally and physically testing, but incredibly rewarding at the same time.”

After the many years he’s spent riding around the world Mike understands that, “Alaska brings something nowhere else really can.” He goes on to explain, “There’s no one out here to save you. That’s part of the uniqueness of Alaska. It’s the last frontier of being on your own and understanding your responsibilities. That’s something Shin and I are here experiencing, living a lifestyle that helps us stay balanced. I think that’s something special and rewarding, something well worth coming up here for.”

Many thanks to Mike’s company 241 and Japan’s Epic Snowboarding Magazine for co-producing this outstanding film about snowboarding, adventure and friendship.