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Freestyle | Twin-tip | Camrock

Ideal for Flat tricks and all-around freestyle riding


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SKU: N.24.SNM.SEN.XX.150.1

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The Sensor is a playful freestyle deck that’s loaded with tech to help you get creative anywhere on the mountain.The true twin shape is ideal for switch takeoffs and landings, but we’ve kept enough volume in the nose and tail to ensure it floats well if you want to send it in the pow. It’s built on our Master Core, a light yet strong combo of poplar, beech, spruce and paulownia.

Together with carbon fibre at the tip and tail, the board boasts a ton of pop without ever feeling too stiff to throw around. A camrock profile and SideKick tips to raise the edges encourage progression – flat land butters, rail tricks and boned-out spins are the Sensor’s happy place. With a sintered N-7000 base you can be sure of having the speed to clear any kicker, while the Absorbnid™ topsheet will keep the run-in feeling smooth and predictable.

2+1 year warranty

Nidecker Snowboards offers you an additional year of warranty against manufacturing defects. Simply register your board HERE to increase your warranty from two years to three years.

Shape & profile

Camrock Versatile and fun but with character


Tech Details


Premium Sandwich picto
Premium Sandwich

This next level construction steps up the power and response of our standard sandwich manufacturing. Adding advanced materials like Carbon and Kevlar® gives the board more pop and improved shock absorption.


Absorbnid picto

Absorbnid is an innovative top layer designed to absorb unwanted vibrations. This allows us to develop responsive, dynamic boards that still give you a smooth and fatigue free ride.


4/2-5 picto

With 5 rows of inserts every 2 cm, this combination is the industry standard and works with all bindings on the market. Our reference stance is the middle position.


Biax Plus picto
Biax Plus

Biax Plus retains the properties of our tried and tested 90° biaxial fiberglass weave but we use more glass to enhance power transfer. It’s uncompromising in it’s response and energy return, and loved and coveted by riders searching for a good blend of stiff & damp wherever they rip.


Master Core picto
Master Core

The Master Core construction is a product of our long history of experimentation in materials and woodcraft. It’s the perfect harmony of different wood densities and varieties (poplar, beech, spruce, and paulownia), resulting in a superior weight-to-performance-to power ratio, and an ultra-strong, extra-responsive, lightweight core.

Added Fibers

Pop Carbon picto
Pop Carbon

Strategic placement of carbon fiber from the tail to the rear inserts, and from the nose to the front inserts, resulting in a more reactive board, with increased pop and stiffness. Its vibration dampening qualities make it ideal for more aggressive riding in all conditions.


N-7000 picto

Developed exclusively for Nidecker, the N-7000 is an extremely tough, sintruded base with added carbon nanoparticles that provide exceptional glide.

Exclusive Tech

Sidekick picto

SideKick lifts your edges at the widest points of the nose and tail resulting in increased float in powder, smoother riding in rough terrain and effortless turn initiation.

Special Details

special details
special details
special details


Board Size (cm)147150153156159 W
Total Length (mm)14701500153015601590
Nose Length (mm)250250250250250
Contact Edge Length (mm)9701000103010601090
Effective Edge Length (mm)11101140117012001230
Tail Length (mm)250250250250250
Sidecut Radius (m)
Nose Width (mm)276279288292304
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (mm)253255261264275
Waist Width (mm)244247252254265
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (mm)253255261264275
Tail Width (mm)276279288292304
Taper (mm)-----
Set Back (mm)-----
Reference Stance (mm)500520540540550
Minimum - Maximum Stance (mm)460 - 540480 - 560500 - 580500 - 580510 - 590
Recommended Rider's Weight (kg.)50 - 6055 - 6560 - 7565 - 8075+
Recommended Rider's Weight (lbs.)110 - 132121 - 143132 -165143 -177165+
Recommended Binding SizeMM - LM - LLL - XL

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