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Alpha 2023

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Effortless Lines on All Terrain

Ideal for Blending All Mountain Freestyle with Snowsurfing Style


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Inspired by the efficient shapes found in nature, the Alpha sets a new standard in all-mountain fluency.Glide effortlessly through powder, slice clean lines down the trails or thread the needle on your favourite tree-run; it’s all about flow. A 3D spooned nose – based on the profiles of marine mammals – provides maximum float and easy turn initiation, while the subtle pinch at the rear of the sidecut mimics a bird of prey’s tail, helping it to sink in deep snow.

Under the hood, the Alpha features a lively NDK core made from sustainable Swiss poplar, combined with carbon fibre layers for even more pop. Vibrations are kept to a minimum thanks to our Absorbnid™ topsheet. The Alpha’s smooth edge-to-edge transitions and versatile flex makes it the go-to deck for creative mountain surfers like Matieu Crepel.

2+1 year warranty

Extend your two year Nidecker warranty to three years by registering your board online for free! Nidecker Snowboards offers a three-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
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Shape & profile

Increase floatability and keep carving performance for a backfoot ride


Tech Details


Premium Sandwich picto
Premium Sandwich

This next level construction steps up the power and response of our standard sandwich manufacturing. Adding advanced materials like Carbon and Kevlar® gives the board more pop and improved shock absorption.


Absorbnid picto

Absorbnid is an innovative top layer designed to absorb unwanted vibrations. This allows us to develop responsive, dynamic boards that still give you a smooth and fatigue free ride.


4/2-6 picto

With 6 rows of inserts every 2 cm, this insert combination allows you to adjust your stance to the optimum position, and works with all bindings on the market. Our reference stance is the second narrowest position possible.


Biax Plus picto
Biax Plus

Biax Plus retains the properties of our tried and tested 90° biaxial fiberglass weave but we use more glass to enhance power transfer. It’s uncompromising in it’s response and energy return, and loved and coveted by riders searching for a good blend of stiff & damp wherever they rip.


NDK Swiss Core picto
NDK Swiss Core

NDK Swiss Core is the heart and soul that makes our new Instinct Series so special. Its name tells you all you need to know. This core is crafted in Switzerland with passion from sustainably harvested, light poplar wood. What’s more, its FSC and PEFC certifications mean we’ve reached the highest possible standards in terms of sustainable forest management and manufacturing along our entire supply chain.


N-7000 picto

Developed exclusively for Nidecker, the N-7000 is an extremely tough, sintruded base with added carbon nanoparticles that provide exceptional glide.

Added Fibers

Pop Carbon picto
Pop Carbon

Strategic placement of carbon fiber from the tail to the rear inserts, and from the nose to the front inserts, resulting in a more reactive board, with increased pop and stiffness. Its vibration dampening qualities make it ideal for more aggressive riding in all conditions.

Special Details

special details
special details
special details


Board Size (cm) 148 153 158 162W
Total Length (mm) 1480 1530 1580 1620
Nose Length (mm) 300 300 300 300
Contact Edge Length (mm) 950 990 1050 1090
Effective Edge Length (mm) 990 1130 1190 1230
Tail Length (mm) 230 230 230 230
Sidecut Radius (m) 7200 7400 7800 8000
Nose Width (mm) 285 290 300 312
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (mm) 254 261 267 277
Waist Width (mm) 244 252 258 268
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (mm) 255 262 268 277
Tail Width (mm) 282 288 296 306
Taper (mm) -3 -2 -4 -6
Set Back (mm) 15 15 20 20
Reference Stance (mm) 520 530 540 540
Minimum - Maximum Stance (mm) 480 - 600 490 - 610 500 - 620 500 - 620
Recommended Rider's Weight (kg.) 50-70 60-75 70-90 75+
Recommended Rider's Weight (lbs.) 110-154 132-165 154-199 165+
Recommended Binding Size M M - L L L - XL

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