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Area 20/21

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Have Fun, Carve Hard

Ideal for carvers who want to have fun everywhere

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Size: 148M

SKU: N.21.SNM.ARE.XX.148M.1


The Area is one of our signature carving boards. Similar to the Concept, it delivers a stunning riding experience on slope and in the backcountry. However, it’s designed with a medium sidecut and regular flex to make it easier on the legs and more fun for riders new to the carving game. It also features: our advanced camber, designed for optimum precision, edge hold and stability; our Premium Sandwich construction made with advanced materials like carbon and Kevlar® for added durability and shock absorption; our super strong, responsive and lightweight Master Core; and our extremely tough, sintered N-7000 base, produced with carbon nanoparticles to provide exceptional glide.

Flex Rate
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Shape and profile
shape and profile

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Tech Details


picto N-7000

Developed exclusively for Nidecker, the N-7000 is an extremely tough, sintruded base with added carbon nanoparticles that provide exceptional glide.


picto Premium Sandwich
Premium Sandwich

This next level construction steps up the power and response of our standard sandwich manufacturing. Adding advanced materials like Carbon and Kevlar® gives the board more pop and improved shock absorption.


picto Dual Plus
Dual Plus

Our Top 90° biaxial fiberglass is designed to offer a forgiving ride and predictable torsional flex. It's bombproof, reliable and perfect for all types of terrain and riders.


picto 4/2-5

With 5 rows of inserts every 2 cm, this combination is the industry standard and works with all bindings on the market. Our reference stance is the middle position.


picto Absorbnid

Absorbnid is an innovative top layer designed to absorb unwanted vibrations. This allows us to develop responsive, dynamic boards that still give you a smooth and fatigue free ride.


picto Master Core
Master Core

The Master Core construction is a product of our long history of experimentation in materials and woodcraft. It's the perfect harmony of different wood densities and varieties (poplar, beech, spruce, and paulownia), resulting in a superior weight-to-performance-to power ratio, and an ultra-strong, extra-responsive, lightweight core.

Special Details
special details
special details
special details
Size Details
Board Size (cm) 148 M 153 M 157 L 161 L
Total Length (mm) 1480 1530 1570 1610
Nose Length (mm) 240 240 245 250
Contact Edge Length (mm) 1100 1150 1180 1210
Effective Edge Length (mm) 1195 1245 1275 1305
Tail Length (mm) 140 140 145 150
Sidecut Radius (m) 8.0 8.2 8.4 8.6
Nose Width (mm) 283 290 298 303
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (mm) 252 256 263 266
Waist Width (mm) 245 248 255 258
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (mm) 254 257 265 268
Tail Width (mm) 280 287 294 299
Taper (mm) -3 -3 -4 -4
Set Back (mm) -25 -25 -30 -30
Reference Stance (mm) 520 540 540 560
Minimum - Maximum Stance (mm) 480 - 560 500 - 580 500 - 580 520 - 600
Recommended Rider's Weight (kg.) 50 - 65 60 - 75 70 - 85 80+
Recommended Rider's Weight (lbs.) 110 -143 132 -165 154 -187 154 -187
Recommended Binding Size M M-L M-L M-L