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Helios APX 21/22

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Ideal for Provides consisent performance and support all day long.

Color: Instinct
Size: 7,5

SKU: N.22.BTM.HLA.WH.075.1


To celebrate the launch of the Instinct board series, the all-new Helios APX comes in a matching colorway. It’s also loaded with tech, including textile-wrapped Boa laces that tighten quickly and smoothly via the latest H4 Coiler™. The upper and lower foot can be adjusted independently to prioritise maximum power transfer or looser, surfier turns. The APX also features an upgraded Remind insole; developed with the input of some of the world’s best riders, it’s super comfortable and aligns your whole foot for better joint function. Together with our ergonomic Asym3F™ outer and a Bronze Level Heat Moldable Liner, this is a boot designed to offer a great fit straight out of the box. N-Gel Dampening at the heel and toe adds even more cushioning and will help you soak up the heaviest of landings from the park to the backcountry.

Built to Last

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Tech Details

Boa Type

picto Boa® H4 Coiler™ Technology
Boa® H4 Coiler™ Technology

Ready for anything, designed to withstand. From park to podium, H4 resists impact from the most demanding rider. Effortless and fast, coiler quickly takes up lace slack, increasing speed of entry into the boot.

Closure System

picto Mid Power Dual Zone Boa® Configuration
Mid Power Dual Zone Boa® Configuration

The Boa® Mid power dual zone is a dual dial lacing system that allows you to separately and precisely adjust the upper and lower zones. This provides a perfect fit and allows you to adjust the support the way you want it, where you want it.


picto Remind Insole
Remind Insole

REMIND INSOLES are developed from 35 plus years of biomechanics and biomedicine practices along with the testing and approval of the worlds greatest athletes. The result being the best performance enhancing orthotic insoles on the planet. The focus is on these key principles; foot and joint alignment, injury preventive support, cushioning, self-molding customization. We love what we do and we are dedicated to spreading that through this creation we call Remind.


picto Bronze-Level Thermo Heat Moldable
Bronze-Level Thermo Heat Moldable

Customizable fit and feel made affordable, with the Bronze-Level Heat Moldable liner. Targeted Thermo NFOAM, our innovative and comfortable reverse-cut top cuff, multi-layer J-bars and tethered liner lacing with a no-drift Velcro custom closure offer comfort and performance that make for happy feet whenever they're strapped in.


picto B.F.T. Gravity
B.F.T. Gravity

With the B.F.T. GRAVITY we've gone all in on comfort. This super durable, all-rubber outsole is designed to support the anatomy of your foot, with N-Gel cushioning in selected models. Be it strapped in or just walking around on the snow, you'll look as good and feel as comfortable as you do in your favorite pair of sneakers.

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