Micron Sensor 2019/20

All-Mountain / FS

Youth Trick Master

Ideal for kids with freestyle in their blood

Micron Sensor 2019/20

All-Mountain / FS

Youth Trick Master

Ideal for kids with freestyle in their blood


The Micron Sensor is one of our creations for kids. Like its adult counterpart the Sensor, it’s a twin tip, designed for pure freestylers. This board’s got plenty of pop for launching off backcountry kickers and stomping stylish spins in the park, and the perfect softness to keep landings comfortable and easy on fragile, growing, young bodies. It features: our time tested, Classic Sandwich construction built with the high quality materials that let us produce such great performing snowboards; our Freestyle Camrock three-phase camber construction to make sticking tricks super easy; our extra strong, responsive and lightweight Full Wood Core; and sintered N7000 base for a faster glide and performance.

2+1 year warranty

Extend your two year Nidecker warranty to three years by registering your board online for free! Nidecker Snowboards offers a three-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
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Shape and profile

Tech Details


Classic Sandwich

Our standard construction is the top of the line for most other brands. Our well proven, high quality materials allow us to produce great performing boards that don't break the bank.



Absorbnid is an innovative top layer designed to absorb unwanted vibrations. This allows us to develop responsive, dynamic boards that still give you a smooth and fatigue free ride.



With 4 rows of inserts every 4 cm, this basic insert pattern offers a large possibility of stance options, and is the first step in finding your optimum stance when you start snowboarding. Our reference stance is the middle position.


Dual Std

Our Standard 90° biaxial fiberglass is designed to offer a forgiving ride and predictable torsional flex. It's bombproof, reliable and perfect for all types of terrain and riders.


Fullwood Core

This is our standard poplar core, with beech reinforcements. The beech in the nose and tail adds pop, stiffness and torsion. If you like a consistent ride with lots of life, this is the core for you.



Developed exclusively for Nidecker, the N-7000 is an extremely tough, sintered base with added carbon nanoparticles that provide exceptional glide.

Special Details

Size Details
Board Size (cm) 140 145 140 W 145 W
Total Length (mm) 1400 1450 1400 1450
Nose Length (mm) 193 198 193 198
Contact Edge Length (mm) 1014 1054 1014 1054
Effective Edge Length (mm) 1060 1110 1060 1110
Tail Length (mm) 193 198 193 198
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.2 7.3 7.2 7.3
Nose Width (mm) 273 277 285 290
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (mm) 245 248 257 261
Waist Width (mm) 238 240 250 253
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (mm) 245 248 257 261
Tail Width (mm) 273 277 285 290
Taper (mm) - - - -
Set Back (mm) - - - -
Reference Stance (mm) 457 481 457 481
Minimum - Maximum Stance (mm) 377 - 537 401 - 561 377 - 537 401 - 561
Recommended Rider's Weight (kg.) 40-50 45+ 40-50 45+
Recommended Rider's Weight (lbs.) 88-110 99+ 88-110 99+
Recommended Binding Size S S M M - L

The Ultimate Setup



$ 219.95
Micron 2019/20

Micron 2019/20


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