Princess 2019/20


All-Mountain / FS

The Ultimate Women’s All Mountain Snowboard

Ideal for women who want to charge the whole mountain

NDK Princess 2019/20 snowboard, topsheet & base view

Princess 2019/20


All-Mountain / FS

The Ultimate Women’s All Mountain Snowboard

Ideal for women who want to charge the whole mountain

$ 499.95
$ 399.95 -20% Save: $ 100
Size: 158L

SKU: SN200204


The Princess is the ultimate all around freeride board for women who want to carve up everything the mountain throws at them: backcountry powder, hard pack, and mogul fields. It will even handle cliff drops and kickers if you ask it nicely. The Princess is part of the R8 Sidecut Series for outstanding, everyday performance. It also features: our innovative N-Tech construction, combined with our Freeflex 3.0 in the nose to absorb unwanted vibrations; full positive camber between the contact points; our lightest core, a combination of 3 different woods for optimum lightness, pop, responsiveness and durability; and the N 9000, our fastest, most durable base, produced with carbon nanoparticles.

2+1 year warranty

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Shape and profile

Tech Details



The result of years of research and development, N-Tech is a unique Construction method we believe represents the next generation of snowboard manufacturing. It's a combination of Sandwich and Cap Constructions with our Freeflex 2.0 in the nose which is redefining the meaning of high performance snowboarding.



Absorbnid is an innovative top layer designed to absorb unwanted vibrations. This allows us to develop responsive, dynamic boards that still give you a smooth and fatigue free ride.



With 5 rows of inserts every 2 cm, this combination is the industry standard and works with all bindings on the market. Our reference stance is the middle position.


Triax Plus

The result of extensive testing with our riders and engineers, our Triax laminate is oriented at 45° to the board, and contains different glass densities. This provides consistent torsional flex, better pop, and more reactivity on every turn.


Light Core

Our lightest core - featuring 3 different wood types. The Light Core is a perfect combination of paulownia for lightness, poplar for pop and responsiveness, and hardwood beech stringers along the edges to increase core durability, pop and protection from edge impacts.



Produced with carbon nanoparticles, the N-9000 has a very dense molecular structure, which makes it our fastest, most durable base material.

Exclusive Tech

Freeflex 2.0

In this exclusive technology developed by Nidecker, the nose of the board are specially molded in a very thin composite material layered with a proprietary elastomeric covering. This cancels out vibrations and gives the board a unique, lightweight feel in transitions. Freeflex 2.0 has one of the lowest swing weights in the industry, meaning less chatter and more control.

Added Fibers


The ultimate combination of fibers to fit all your needs: Basalt, Carbon, Kevlar® (BCK). Placed from the tail to the rear inserts and from the nose to the front inserts, it makes for a lighter board and provides increased pop, torsional stiffness, and reactivity.

Special Details

Size Details
Board Size (cm) 143 N 147 N 151 155 M 158 L
Total Length (mm) 1430 1470 1510 1550 1580
Nose Length (mm) 220 220 220 220 220
Contact Edge Length (mm) 1000 1040 1080 1120 1150
Effective Edge Length (mm) 1095 1135 1175 1215 1245
Tail Length (mm) 210 210 210 210 210
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.4 7.6 7.8 8.0 8.2
Nose Width (mm) 276 282 288 290 295
Underfoot Width : Front Foot (mm) 248 251 255 258 262
Waist Width (mm) 240 244 248 250 254
Underfoot Width : Rear Foot (mm) 247 251 256 258 262
Tail Width (mm) 272 278 286 288 293
Taper (mm) -4 -4 -2 -2 -2
Set Back (mm) -30 -30 -30 -30 -30
Reference Stance (mm) 480 490 500 510 520
Minimum - Maximum Stance (mm) 440 - 520 450 - 530 460 - 540 470 - 550 480 - 560
Recommended Rider's Weight (kg.) 45 - 55 50 - 60 55 - 70 60 - 75 65+
Recommended Rider's Weight (lbs.) 99 -121 110 -143 121 -154 132 - 165 143+
Recommended Binding Size S S - M S - M M - L M - L