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Eric Jackson


Height: 175 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Boots Size: 9.5 US

Position: Regular

Stance: 55 cm

Angles: +18 / 0

Eric’s a Pacific North West native – a prolific backcountry freestyle and freeride snowboarder whose instantly-recognizable style has allowed him to build an expansive career in the sport. He’s also a passionate outdoorsman with a unique connection to the woods, rivers and mountains he calls home. His movie videography includes bangers like “The Fourth Phase”, “Alignment” - a critically acclaimed self-narrated study of the interplay between his life passions of fly-fishing and snowboarding, and “Brothers On The Run”, which documented a journey from Alaska to Chile with his brother John.

Stand out career highlight so far?

winning video part of the year or making “Alignment” are standouts for sure but honestly it’s all the incredible people I’ve met and life lessons I’ve learned along the way.

When you’re not snowboarding, what do you love doing?

I’m big into Fly Fishing and have recently got into archery Elk hunting, I love it!

Piece of advice you wish you had when you were starting out?

Don’t waste energy on things you have no control over.

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