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How To Choose SNOWBOARD Bindings?

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right snowboard bindings for you, and in this video we've broken down some of the common concepts to help you decide what type of snowboard binding is right for you.

Most importantly, you will need to check that your new snowboard bindings fit with your existing equipment. Different brands use different boot templates when designing bindings, so it’s important to check that your boots don’t excessively hang over the toe edge of the binding, nor should they sit too far back.

The ankle straps should fit snugly over the centre of the boot without creating pressure points or an air-gap, and the heel of the boot should sit comfortably at the back of the binding without pinching the sides of the boot too much. If your feet are comfortable and the snowboard bindings have a secure grip on your boots with no extra play, then you have a good match.

You should also make sure that a new pair of bindings is sized correctly for your snowboard - they should be mounted without any significant overhang on either the toe or heel edge.

Next you should choose a binding that suits your riding style and ability. Snowboard bindings come with a simple flex rating - the higher the number, the stiffer the flex. Entry-level and freestyle riders tend to prefer a softer flex as they typically have a more comfortable ride and give experienced park riders more freedom to tweak grabs and presses.

The stiffest bindings are usually designed for experienced freeriders and carvers, as a stiffer binding will be more responsive for critical turns in variable terrain. Resort-focused, all-mountain bindings tend to have a mid-stiff flex, which is perfect for all day riding and adaptable to all conditions.