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Kita W

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Dual Zone BOA | Stiff | External Heel-Lock

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The Kita-W sets a new standard for women’s all-mountain snowboard boots. Inspired by the technical demands of polar and mountain expeditions, it’s crammed with features and delivers supremely reliable performance from first lift til’ last. Comfort is key to its design, starting with an asymmetrical shape that perfectly matches our bindings for a really natural connection to your board. Where possible, we’ve welded components to the upper rather than sewn them, giving it a unique seamless build that’s way more waterproof. We’ve also added a tough TPU shield around the front called ArmourTech, which will protect your toes while you’re kicking steps into the snow or hiking over rocks.

The Dual Dial BOA® Fit System includes a specially-developed External Heel Lock – controlled via the tongue dial – to keep your foot firmly in place, while the lower part of the boot can be tightened using the side dial. There are two EVA components in the midsole for better dampening, and the B.F.T Vibram Approach outsole benefits from an Icetrek rubber compound for unreal grip. Our new Transition Zone tech seamlessly connects this outsole to the Exo Spine, accelerating response and preventing damage to the back of the boot when it rubs the binding. With a top-of-the-line, asymmetric Gold Liner, comfortable warmth and support are guaranteed right out the box – and of course it’s fully heat moldable for a custom fit. Riders who want to shred the whole mountain without compromise will find everything they need in this rugged, high-performance boot.

Built to Last

Constructed to the highest standards and backed by a solid guarantee, Nidecker boots & bindings are backed by a full warranty against manufacturer's defects. Click here for more information.

Tech Details

Closure System

Dual Dial BOA® Fit System / External Heel-lock picto
Dual Dial BOA® Fit System / External Heel-lock

Tightening the tongue reel will tighten the very top laces and the external wings, which provide a diagonal downward force by folding in and mechanically prevent the heel from coming up. Then the side BOA® tightens the lower part of the boot.


Triple-Density picto

An advanced anatomical shape in comfortable EVA with high-density EVA supporting the deep heel cup and arch, and special high-rebound EVA cushioning the heel. A silicone top-print adds traction to the fleece-lined footbed.


Gold Level picto
Gold Level

Wrap-style asym shape for no pressure points, better flex control and easy on/off. The Custom Flex Zone gives your toes wiggle room for warmth. Uses extra PU for lateral stiffness and efficient power transfer between liner and shell.


Vibram® Approach picto
Vibram® Approach

Our top-of-the-range outsole comes with a full EVA midsole for the best possible comfort under the whole foot. An OC-Kush insert gives excellent dampening under the heel. The highlight is the new Vibram ICE-TREK compound, which is the best rubber available for cold, icey or snowy surfaces. Extra grip at toe and heel was inspired by fish scales.

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