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158 / 163 / 163 W / 167 / 167 W
”Ferrari, Rolex, Ultralight…the world’s finest products„

This absolute tour-de-force of technology represents all of our knowhow gathered in to one board. Every now and then a board comes along that changes everything, changes the way you look at performance, changes the way you look at snowboard construction, and changes the way you look at technology. Well, the Ultralight is that board. One look at it in the flesh redefines what you have come to expect from a snowboard. Aimed at riders who are looking for a high performance freeride board, it utilizes construction techniques that most manufacturers only dream about, and includes carbon fiber, Kevlar, a welded wooden core, and a high speed 9000 base.





sizes ?
158 163 163 W 167 167 W
nose lenght ?
250 250 260 260
contact lenght ?
1120 1160 1160 1200
tail lenght ?
210 210 215 215
nose width ?
307 312 313 315
waist width ?
25.0 25.3 26.0 26.5
tail width ?
287 291 292 293
sidecut radius ?
6900 7200 8200 9500
stance width ?
520 530 530 530
stance pos


Freeride CamRock ®

Freeride CamRock gives you everything you need to slay your backcountry line. There is a touch more rocker in the nose to add float and improved maneuverability, matched with a small amount of camber under foot to keep your snowboard responsive. A small amount of rocker in the tail gives you additional stability and maneuverability.

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Exclusive Nidecker

3D N Concept

Our 3D N Concept takes snowboard construction to the next level, providing the rider with the ultimate feeling of control : Independent Torsion Flex. Combining carbon fiber and fiberglass, and a host of visionary composite materials into a hyper-responsive control matrix, it’s the future…in the form of a snowboard.

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Freeflex 2.0

In this patented technology, the nose and tail of the board are specially molded in a very thin composite material that is laye¬red with a proprietary elastomeric covering. This cancels out vibrations and helps provide a unique light feel in transitions, due to its reduced thickness. Free Flex 2.0 has one of the lowest swing weights in the industry, meaning less chatter for you.

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Shock Absorber

Our Shock Absorber is a specially designed elastomeric interlayer, which offers additional comfort to the rider, while eliminating vibrations.

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Our ultimate combination of fibers will fit all your needs. Basalt, Carbon and Kevlar (BCK) placed from the tail to the rear inserts and from the nose to the front inserts provides a lighter board and all the advantages of the BCK fibers : increased pop, increased torsional stiffness, and reactivity.

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A purely directional board is best for all-mountain freeriding. The nose is longer and wider than the tail, giving you plenty of control in any terrain, and the stance is set back to help you float above the pow. Plus, we stiffened the tail to help snap you out of turns and keep your speed up.

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Welded Core

Welding wood is the most eco-friendly and technologically advanced way to make a wood core known to man. The wood laminates are not glued, but bonded together through a complex process of friction and vibration. This results in reduced weight, yet increased strength. Nidecker is the only company in the world to master the technology of welding wood.

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Our 9000 is not only the fastest base available today, it is also eco-friendly. Produced with carbon nanoparticles, it has a very dense molecular structure, making it our most durable base material.

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Diamond-structured stone grinding is the best possible base finish. The grinding occurs on two axes to maximize glide, and to optimize the durability of the base.

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Die-cut is a base-assembly process in which we cut out different shapes of base material, and then pièce them together to create bright, appealing base designs.

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Standard Nidecker

Alu Protect

State-of-the-art, high-strength aluminum tip and tail protectors. Elastomer is bonded to the aluminum to absorb vibrations.

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Duraclear The most popular topsheet on the market, the Duraclear is strong and tough, able to withstand constant punishment. Polyamid Only available without varnish, this topsheet is our lightest and most durable. Carbon We use carbon fiber topsheets to help create some of the strongest and lightest boards in the world.

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Our edges have 35% more steel than typical edges, which means that they have two and a half times the impact resistance of other edges offered on the market today.

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