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Since 1984, everyone at Nidecker has had one common goal : to push the technological envelope of snowboarding. Our design team works closely with our professional riders and technology partners to develop state-of-the-art composite materials and design innovations. Our single-minded pursuit of excellence has allowed us to revolutionize snowboarding…over…and over…and over again. Join us on the cutting edge.

Exclusive Nidecker

Swiss Core

The Biggest Development in Snowboard Construction since Camrock.

Swiss Core is a new technology from Nidecker that will change the way snowboarders not only ride, but how they look at their snowboards. Requiring an extraordinarily high level of -precision- in the manufacturing process, we consider this new technology similar to the “Swiss Movement” found in many of today’s finest Swiss watches. What it simply means is that we took a complex matrix of -fibers- and engineered them in such a way that the board reacts differently when flexed in different directions, thus improving performance no matter what your style of riding. When the board is flexed down, the -matrix- forces the edges to rise, thus making it easier for the board to slide on rails or boxes without catching an edge. When the board is flexed up, such as when making turns, the matrix forces the edges to press down, which allows for superior hold during those turns. What this boils down to is a full on, high-stoke revolution that is going to improve your overall ride, no matter what your style of riding.

Because this technology demands such a high level of -precision- manufacturing, all boards using Swiss Core technology will be produced in Switzerland, at our state-of-the-art factory outside of Geneva.


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