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tm riders profile

tm firstname: Anouck tm name: Mouthon
tm age: 25
tm regular goofy: Regular tm angle: 21/-12

tm favorites

tm music: electro, rap us, r'n'b, french varieties tm movie: movies of Almodovar : "todo sobre mi madre", "hable con ella", "la mala educacion"
tm tricks: fs 540 on big air or big 8m cliff offpiste tm place snowboards: Indian Kashmir, Hochfuegen in Austria and La Clusaz in France
tm website:,, windguru,

tm number3

Q: tm qr2
R: I love sharing with people, i want to discover the world, i want to be the best feerider woman.
Q: tm qr3
R: A person narrow-minded, lazy or jealous.
Q: tm qr4
R: Glee cast, good feeling, someone like you.

tm setup

Princess, Ultralight, Princess binding

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