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tm riders profile

tm firstname: Laurent tm name: Duhalde
tm age: 20
tm regular goofy: Goofy tm angle: 18; -18

tm favorites

tm music: Gold on the ceiling, The black keys tm movie: Givin
tm tricks: Fs Blunt tm place snowboards: Fs Blunt
tm website: Fluofun

tm number3

Q: tm qr2
R: All the new tricks coming than i want to try, session with friend for sure, but i think just snowboard is enough to motivates me.
Q: tm qr3
R: Mushroom, school but i almost stop so its good, and end of the winter season.
Q: tm qr4
R: The golden age, the asteroids galaxy tour, Freakin'it, will smith, Vice squad, last rockers.

tm setup

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