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Since 1887, the Nidecker family has been engineering and manufacturing various wood-based products. From the beginning, the Nideckers were on the technological cutting edge. The first significant Nidecker invention was a revolutionary process for bending wood. Now, over 100 years later, we are at the forefront of snowboard development. Nidecker snowboards are built with the trademark Swiss pride and precision that the world has come to recognize as representing the upper echelon of quality.

By 1912, after years of pioneering woodworking technologies used to make everything from wagon wheels to furniture, Nidecker was manufacturing all-wood skis. In 1963, our first pair of fiberglass skis was introduced. Then, in 1984, Henry Nidecker Sr. designed and produced the first batch of 50 Nidecker snowboards, the first European snowboards ever, and the winter sports industry was forever changed. Since first crafting these prototypes, we have remained committed to the ride, to the pursuit of innovation, and to the craftsmanship handed down from our forefathers.

Our state-of-the-art factory in Rolle, Switzerland, has been designing, engineering and manufacturing snowboards for nearly 30 years. With easy access to world-class mountains such as Verbier and Chamonix, only an hour away, our products have been tested and proven in the most unforgiving conditions on the planet. Maintaining our own factory allows us to directly control the technologies we develop, and the quality of the products we bring to market each year. Many snowboard companies do not have their own production capabilities and are unable to quickly adjust to the dynamic, ever-changing needs of snowboarders worldwide.

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Throughout our rich history, Nidecker products have been relied on when alpine adventurers needed the very best. We have ascended Mt Everest, as well as nearly every other mountain on Earth, and have won piles of awards and accolades. No other snowboard company has the prolific history and rich heritage of the Nidecker brand. At Nidecker, we are committed to upholding the traditions of our roots, but have also set our sights on the future, through technological product innovations that contribute to the development and growth of snowboarding. It’s in our DNA to continue down the path that was blazed by those who came before us, providing snowriders with the ultimate tools for the mountain.

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