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Evol White/Red

Sizes available: S/M, L/XL

The best of Nidecker technology for a freestyle ride on rails, in the park or pipe. The Evol will give you total freedom for your biggest tricks !

Sizing chart

Mondo] 23.0-27.5 [] 27.0-31.5 [
US] 4.5-9.5 [] 9.0-14.0 [
Euro] 35.5-42.5 [] 42.0-48.0 [
UK] 3.5-8.5 [] 8.0-13.0 [


Front Stiffness
Lateral Flex



Get the best control and cushion for every size boot.


DUPONT™ ZYTEL® NYLON® 30% Glass Fiber

Reactivity, precision, lightness

Best Contour Heelcup® (DuPont™ partnership)

Adjust the binding perfectly to your boot



Lateral-torsion flex and dynamic response for backside turns.

Asym-Flex Highback

Those Highbacks have been designed to provide flex where you want it, support and durability where you need it. Their ergonomic design follows the natural contours of your left and right legs to maximize control and comfort.

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Ankle Strap

Asymmetrical Ankle Strap

Enhanced stiffness in the outside for an better control

Anatomic 3D molded reinforcement

Get the best strength transmission & avoid pressure points.

Toe Strap

Air Convertible Cap Strap

Great holding of the toe box and minimum weight


Premium Aluminum Buckles

3 axis buckles with ultra fast gearing & smooth releasing system.

S-BEND Strap

The ladder straps and side straps are injected with a 3D shape that allows you to step in the binding and close your straps faster and more easily.

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Lateral Dampening System : PURE FLEX No hard edges in between the bindings and board means less chance of your board breaking. The graph above shows that LDS deforms with different ratios as you shift from one edge to the other. In other words, thanks to LDS, the board beneath you can flex naturally. That’s what we call PURE FLEX. DAMPENING Our Dampening System absorbs vibrations and lessens lateral motion, while increasing edge-to-edge reactivity.

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O2 Air Bag

The Airbag will provide you an incredible impact absorption for a reduced weight. Together with the new disk cover EVA foam you will get the best cushioning ever.

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High Back EVA pad

Soft comfort while riding hard.

Full EVA Footbed

You’ll feel a great cushion while riding or landing.