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140 / 144 / 147 / 150 / 153
”An easy-going, all-terrain ride„

The Elle’s versatile all-terrain shape makes it the perfect choice for riders who are looking for their first board. Its easygoing, forgiving flex combined with the latest version of CamRock delivers a board that will increase confidence and help any rider progress her skills.




sizes ?
140 144 147 150 153
nose lenght ?
220 230 230 230 230
contact lenght ?
980 1000 1030 1060 1090
tail lenght ?
200 210 210 210 210
nose width ?
275 278 282 286 292
waist width ?
23.7 23.9 24.1 24.3 24.7
tail width ?
275 278 282 286 292
sidecut radius ?
6600 6700 6800 6900 7000
stance width ?
530 550 570 590 610
stance pos -10 -10 -10 -10 -10


STD. CamRock ®

Camrock represents the best rocker/camber combination in snowboarding today, and has taken our entire board line up a notch. This tried and true camber variant will not disappoint for overall mountain performance. With camber between the bindings and rocker evenly distributed in the nose and tail, this is the all-mountain, all-conditions camber that will leave you stoked and smiling from ear to ear. Standard Camrock is the camber choice of our pro team and staff. It is the best hybrid rocker/camber profile on the market today - bar none...

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Dual Plus

Our standard 90-degree biaxial fiberglass is the most versatile in the industry. It is bombproof and reliable for all terrain types.

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A purely directional board is best for all-mountain freeriding. The nose is longer and wider than the tail, giving you plenty of control in any terrain, and the stance is set back to help you float above the pow. Plus, we stiffened the tail to help snap you out of turns and keep your speed up.

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Full Wood Core

This is our standard poplar core combined with beech reinforcement. The beech on nose and tail provides more pop and better stiffness and torsion. If you like a consistent ride that has a lot of life, this core should be your ‘go to’ wood core.

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This is our universal base. it’s designed to absorb wax, retaining it longer. Exceptionally durable, this base will take you anywhere.

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Die-cut is a base-assembly process in which we cut out different shapes of base material, and then pièce them together to create bright, appealing base designs.

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Standard Nidecker


Duraclear The most popular topsheet on the market, the Duraclear is strong and tough, able to withstand constant punishment. Polyamid Only available without varnish, this topsheet is our lightest and most durable. Carbon We use carbon fiber topsheets to help create some of the strongest and lightest boards in the world.

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Our edges have 35% more steel than typical edges, which means that they have two and a half times the impact resistance of other edges offered on the market today.

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The industry standard sidewall, durable and reliable.

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