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Company About us

In 1984, Nidecker set out to build the best snowboards in the world. Today, years later, the mission has not changed. We still strive to build the best snowboards in the world, period. Since ’84, our products have won numerous awards and accolades for their quality and the cutting edge innovations they incorporate. Snowsports organizations and maga­zines around the world have recognized Nidecker as an industry leader for decades. Our most recent awards include the 2010 EUROSIMA Lifetime Achievement Award, given to Henry Nidecker Sr. for his many contributions to the development and growth of snowboarding, and the 2010 Breakthrough Brand Award for introducing YESnowboard to the world.

When you buy Nidecker, you’re buying performance and experience. Nidecker is one of the original snowboard brands, in existence since the sport first appeared. We have a 125-year history of making our own products in our own factory, and our design team works year-round with our amazing team of riders to develop the best performing snowboard products in the world. Our factory’s location in the heart of Switzerland means that our design team has convenient access to some of the best mountains in the world to test all of our products. We’re out there riding them in every condition possible, with only one goal : to make sure only the best, most fiercely tested, products make it to you. We are snowboarders, designing and building snowboards for the most discerning snowboarders.

But not only has Nidecker consistently designed and produced high-end snowboards, boots, and bindings with state-of-the-art technologies, we are also the driving force behind two of the most exciting young brands in snowboarding. YESnowboard is a collaboration with pro riders Romain de Marchi, DCP, JP Solberg, and Tadashi Fuse, a company that is redefining what it means to be a freestyle snowboarder. And Jones Snowboards is our project with Jeremy Jones, the world’s best big mountain rider, a man who has dedicated his life to pushing the boundaries of snowboarding, and who decided that Nidecker was the best choice to help him develop the world’s finest technical snowboard gear. Both brands had boards selected as one of Snowboard Magazine’s 2011 Platinum Picks : the YES GDOH and the Jones Flagship.

So…stop reading this. Get out and ride. Put down the cell phone, turn off the TV, and get out your board, regardless of the conditions. Push yourself. And make sure you get the most from your day by choosing the best snowboard gear in the world from the original snowboard company : Nidecker.